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A Business Leader like a world class athlete needs their focus to be on task while still mindful of the company values and competition. Are you looking at how neuroscience impacts your business?

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Test Anxiety disrupts working memory. As stress is successfully handled that information becomes available.

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When performing, the brain creates an

impulse leading to a physical movement.

The brain’s ability to coordinate multiple muscles into a fluid motion from that impulse is essential.  

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Blending Neuroscience with Peak Performance Training


Whether success means

Increasing Employee Engagement,

Optimizing Your Focus,

Becoming Mindful of the Happiness of Your Team,

Eliminating your 3 Putt,  

Leaving Them Speechless at Renowned Opera Houses

Or Acing That Big Exam


Physical skill is only one part of being a champion athlete. Peak Performance Training for focus, impulse control and recovery are pivotal to being in the zone.

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2013 Gallup poll of 25 million employees:


are engaged & inspired at work

20% are actively disengaged

When employees are engaged and  thriving personally they are more likely to be agile and resilient therefore corporate or personal changes are unlikely to throw them off course.


25% of American workers felt ignored by management. 50% were disengaged. 20% were actively disengaged.

Gallup estimates active disengagement costs  U.S. companies 450 billion to $550 billion per year.


How do you get your head in the game?

You can achieve your goal eight times faster with instantaneous data informing you of the state of your body & brain.

Taking control to increase Focus, Thoughtfulness, Mindfulness and Recovery is imperative and theory alone won’t achieve that.



We are the foundation necessary to optimize your ascension to the summit.

How much more could you get from your executive coach if your attention was 100% involved? Would

your golf pro be more valuable if you were totally present at  every coaching session? If you

immediately rebound from that lost client, unsuccessful sales call, chip into the

lake or missed solo could you more effectively move to the winner’s circle?

Optimal Edge Performance

Training Leaders From a Neurophysiological Perspective

We design our training plans based on how your unique brain and body respond to challenges

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                                                             What makes us unique?  Measurable, Observable Data.

Others may talk about the brain and address generally what “studies show” or “improves the majority”, but who is to say you are in the center of the bell curve?

At Optimal Edge Performance we also know what works best for “the average”, but our concern is what works best for you and your team. Your

individual performance needs to be addressed. We use the data from your brain and body to design a custom plan then you utilize

that data along with our coaching to reach your goals. Isn’t it time to harness the amazing performance inside of you?