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A Business Leader like a world class athlete needs focus to be on task while still mindful of the company values and competition. Neuroleadership training addresses how neuroscience affects your business.


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Test Anxiety disrupts working memory. As stress is successfully handled that information

becomes available.

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When performing, the brain creates an

impulse leading to a physical movement.

The brain’s ability to coordinate multiple muscles into a fluid motion from that impulse is essential.  

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A Division of DLV Productions, Inc.


We Train Leaders From a Neurophysiological Perspective


Whether success means

Increasing Employee Engagement,

Eliminating  the 3 Putt,  

Leaving Them Speechless at Renowned Opera Houses

Or Acing That Big Exam



Optimal Performance Training is utilized by C-suite executives, world class athletes, leading performers and students. At the CV Performance Institute we know you will achieve your goal ten times faster if you have instantaneous data of your brainwaves and body state right in front of you. Taking control to increase Focus, Thoughtfulness and Recovery now is imperative and just theory won’t achieve that.

Physical skill is only one part of being a champion athlete. Peak Performance Training for focus, impulse control and recovery are pivotal to being in the zone.


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